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Welcome to the site of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Rome.

On this site you will find information reguarding services offered by the Embassy as well as links to websites containing information relating Afghanistan/ Italy.

The Embassy building was purchased in 1929 and is historically important due to its "Liberty" style . This beautiful building is situated in central Rome on the Via Nomentana and is surrounded by an extraordinary garden full of trees, flowers of all varieties, and many of the fruit trees originated from Afghanistan.

Embassy Announcement

Working Hours :

from Monday till Friday
08:00 am - 14:00 am

 : ساعات کاری 

از روز دوشنبه الی جمعه

از 8 صبح الی 2 بعد از ظهر

Travel Information

General Information Whether for business or pleasure, Afghanistan offers countless adventures to th [ ... ]

President & Cabinet

The President
Hamid Karzai was born on the 24th of December, 1957 (Quaus 9th, 1336) in the village  [ ... ]

Arts & Culture

ARTS AND CULTURE Artistic activity in Afghanistan can be traced back as early as 1800 BC. For centu [ ... ]

Afghanistan Facts

General Facts and Statistics Area: 647,500 sq. km. (249,935 sq. mi.)
Capital: Kabul, 2,000,000 (appr [ ... ]

Afghan National Development Strategy

Ambassador H.E Zia Nezam was invited by the Centre for High Defense Studies of the Ministry of De [ ... ]

Afghan Constitution

Afghanistan constitution, click on one of the links below:
To download English version of Afghanistan [ ... ]

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